Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Preparing for the Season Ahead

So its less that a month to go to the glorious 1st October, sadly I won’t be on the banks that weekend as I be at the Pike Angling Club Convention at Kettering.

I will be helping out on the day so give me a look.

But just because I’m not fishing on the 1st October hasn’t stopped from think and preparing for the pike season ahead. The first big job was to pack my bait freezer with all sorts of standard and non standard baits. So a bulk order duly arrived at the beginning of August. The only bait I will not be using this year is eel section. This is a decision by me in support for of the N.A.C preservation campaign. My stocked bait will be supplemented with a supply of freshly despatched roach, rudd, & skimmer bream from a pond were I have an agreement to remove up to 30 fish for the winter as bait. This fresh bait will be used in the first part for September on a couple of trips for Zander.

New lines has been bought, Berkley Big Game (17lb mono) and Hi-Seas Hi Viz floating braid (65lb) and loaded onto the reels.

Trace wire (Mr Softee), hooks, swivels have been bought, and I’ll end up making new traces the week before my first trip. New batteries will be fitted in the camera, thermometer and backbiters. Check nets, weight sling for any hole.

One rod has been replaced with a new rod from Mr Lumbs' stable. I purchased one of his 12 foot 3.5tc Baitcaster rods (BB350) for long range fishing or as a drifter rod. I hope to add a second BB350 in the coming weeks.

So if you haven’t thought about it yet, you better get your gear together and see what needs doing. Its only 2.1/2 weeks away after all

Tight lines for the season ahead

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