Monday, 23 May 2011

Grabbed a rod....

....and when fishing for mullet on one of the local brackish river.

Only went for a couple of hours in between doing major works at home. So I grabbed a rod with controller float setup, some bread and off I went.

I had planned to do a few hours lure fishing for pike, but the prospects of a hard fighting mullet on light tackle could not be miss.

So I met up with Craig of the NMC, who is my resident mullet expert, well more expert than me and we proceeded to the river.

The river was at low tide and was just on the turn. On approaching the bend in the river it was evident that there were a few fish.

After an hour of close calls of the mullet nervously taking baits of the surface, Craig got one to finally take a piece.

Not the biggest he's ever caught at 3.1/2lb, but the first of the year. I sadly blanked.


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