Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Loss of Something

Reading Dave Lumbs piece on his blog has got me thinking.....the mojo is defiantly out of kilter in relation to fishing at the moment.

I don't know if is due to the gloomy weather, work or even the lack of winter pike, but the mojo is low at the moment and fishing does not seem to be striking a cord as it normally would.

Even the prospects of the coming bream and tench campaign are not sending the tingles of anticipation as usual.

I think I need a change of scenery or a fishing adventure to lightnen my spirtits. I got another chance to fish on Satutrday and next Monday, I think a visit to a new fishery or to one of the old faithfuls is in order to try and rekindle my spirit.

It would help if the weather was abit brighter and less gloomy. Days are drifting into a week and a week is drifting into a month. I could even get a spark to going out piking yesterday on a day off and instead mooched around the house like a newly retired person not sure what to do with there day. Even the fishing wagon got a clean and her paint work is now sparking now that the winters dirty and grim has been removed.

The bream and tench rods are ready and I should get out and does some fishing, so I think a visit to the tackle shop is in order to get some red and casters before embarking on a little adventure.

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