Monday, 28 March 2011

Cast for Life - 13 August 2011

Ok off the press...:shock:

Offically the First Tournament booked for the new campaign!!!!

I have booked a match lake in Suffolk for Saturday 13 August for a 5 hour match.......its all in the name or charity.......

The venue is Match lake 1, Suffolk Water Park, Bramford, Suffolk

With some luck, I'm be getting some celebrity anglers down for the event to pitch their stuff against anglers wish to purchase a ticket for the event. Ticket price is yet to be confirmed

So I'm looking for any donations for the event.

Its being done as part of the the new campaign which is about to be launch by Cancer Research UK in Spring 2011 called Cast for Life...see my blog for details from the Cancer Research UK

So far I have been give the biggest freebie.....the lake for free!!!!!!

So can you help or are you interested in entering??????

Please feel free to pm me.

Thanks for reading this.

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