Saturday, 5 February 2011

Piker, Piker Everywhere

Went out today in the wind, must be mad. It was gusting pretty badly from the North West and not the South West as predicted by the weatherman, sorry persons.

Tight squeeze

Anyhow, got down the water a little later than planned, so late in fact the swims I want to fish had been taken, by Alan and Ian (nice to meet you by the way). So I settle on the point in a tight little swim with Steve (again nice to me you too finally) on my right.

Steve had a run when I went to see him and the lines was peeling off of the spool, its just a shame it was a greedy coot and not a hungry pike that had taken his joey, oh well at least his alarm sounded.

And that about if for the action. Oh Alan did have a couple of beeps I have to add, but he was pre occupied with the burgers and steak sandwiches Ian was cooking up under the brolly and didn't mention the bleeps at all. Oh how the after half life, I just had my soupy, stewy mix as usual. But those burger did smell dam good.

Packed up at 2ish and went for a walk to see another piker who I use to go to college with many moons again. Tony had had one, a low double so something was abit hungry, its just a shame that nothing else was.

The other highlight of the day was that we had our season tickets checked for the first time in 4 years, well in my case or in Ian case for the third time in the last five visits in the last month!!!!

Piker Everywhere Today!!


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