Monday, 28 February 2011

Bluebell Lake - P.A.C Event

Sunday 27 Feb 2011 was my first P.A.C event that I've attended since being a member.

This event was being held at the Bluebell Lakes fishery complex at Tansor, near Peterbough. The 30 members who turned up for the event were to fish the Blue Bell lake. A long lake of approximately 20 acres with a variety of fish including bream, carp, silver fish and of course pike.

The event was due to started at 8:00am, late started for fishing for me, but the complex only allows day fishing from that time. I left the hour at 05:30 for the 1hr 14min drive up from home.

The morning was pleasant and fairly warm, but as I head across the border in Cambridge, it started to drop to nudging 1.5 deg C. I arrived at the fishery at 7:30am, signed in and got my peg number (no 5) for the day.

The 30 odd pikers then sorted themselves out and when off to the lake, expectations were high.

Pegging was little close for comfort, but lucky on my right I had a vacant peg and managed to spread myself out abit. Three rods were allowed for the event, but it was difficult to spread them out as the lake was only about 70-80yrds across, so I was limited on the distance on the third rod. So I had one closed in the margin on a float with the whole herring just touching bottom at 10 foot. A enhanced blue on a ledger and a mackerel on the third rod. I did bring the spinning gear, but decided to opt for dead bait for the morning.

I then settled back and started to cook breakfast and the smell of freshly brewed tea and sizzling bacon was soon wafting about the lake.

 After breakfast had cooked I had a chat with the two gents next to me and all of us were expecting a good day. Alas, it was not to be. Apart from one of the lads on the disable platforms who lost a low double at the net, were was not much action. One of the guys actually fished the afternoon session on the adjacent river, but again lost a small fish at the net.

The rain then came in mid morning and we were all soon huddle under brollies. The rain finally stopped early afternoon and I turned to the lures with no success apart from the zebra mussel beds.

I packed up at 16:00 and said my good byes before heading home.

All in all a pleasant day, just a shame the pike did not show up. I think I 'll give the lakes a crack in the summer for the other species of fish.

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