Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Another Two Days of Fishing & a Italian Stallion

Well Friday and Monday and my allocated fishing days. Two days don't come along very oftern, so I'm grabbing them with both hands.

Both session's will be for pike I feel and I think that I try two waters. An old favourite and the young pretender.

Both have high water levels due to the thaw and the floods, so the water maybe abit coloured. It's also getting to the time of the year when the big girles should be in feeding mood prior to spawning, so with any luck I can get a high double out of one or both of the waters.

Will up date you next week.

Photoshop has been on the recent forums as a certain italian gentleman Maurizio Rossini's has been posting some impressive captures. The question on the forums is are they altered to increase their size. The decision is yours.....only he really knows

TL for now

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