Sunday, 3 October 2010

Christmas Eve, well nearly....

Yes this weekend 100's if not thousands of pikers up and down the country are sitting, roaming or boating the lakes, lochs, rivers, reservoirs, and pond of the UK and Ireland. All in search of the first pike of the season.

For some it will triumphant, for others wogan, but for all I hope that they enjoy it.

one of the "Bear Pit" members, describe that days leading up to the magical 1 Oct as that feeling you get leading upto Christmas Eve. That feeling of excitement, trepidation and small am out of fear of the unknown.

For me, that magical feel is still there and on Wednesday, when I hit the bank at 6am, all those feelings will be there.

Reading the various forums, fish are coming out and there seem to have summered well. Judging for my first fish from the Broads last weekend, the pike has been feeding well on the large shoals of bait fish, so hopefully we will see some good fish gracing our nets.

So to you all Tighlines and enjoy the season because before too long it will gain be gone.


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